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Tom Gardner

Financial Planning Services Associate



Hello there,


                I was born and raised in Richardson, Texas, a city about 15 Miles north of Dallas. My Family and I stayed there until I moved out to College Station, where the greatest University in the world resides, Texas A&M. I spent my time in college focusing on our up-and-coming financial planning program by serving as the Treasurer of the program, as well as joining the A&Mbassador team to help grow the program. This involvement allowed me to meet members of Team Empower at the Texas A&M financial planning conference, which led to me moving to San Antonio where I am a Financial Advisor in training.

                In my free time I enjoy many hobbies that range from music, to sport, to outdoor adventure. I have played piano since I was in 3rd grade, a hobby that I am grateful to have kept up throughout the years. I also began playing drums in 6th grade and have played with small local bands as well as school and university bands. As for sports, I enjoy wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and basketball. I played basketball since I was young, and while I have never played on an official school team, I have always played with my friends and family. In high school, I was on the wrestling team which grew my love for the sport of grappling leading me to join a jiu-jitsu gym during college. Lastly, I have always enjoyed the outdoors greatly. Whether I am skiing in Colorado, hiking in the high desert, or exploring the woods, you can be sure I am having a great time. 

                I look forward to all the memories to be made in San Antonio and am grateful to be working at such a wonderful firm.

Tom Gardner

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